The Internships

Although the London program has run for  decades, this is only the third term of the students having real internships abroad, so it's still really in the startup phase. We are about half way through the internships now and we are getting enough feedback from the students to guess a bit about how things are going,… Continue reading The Internships

Doing Business in Prague

Czechs do not seem very assertive as a rule; probably as a result of the suppression of individuality under the Communist regime. Everybody was supposed to be equal, a part of the crowd, to be "grey, average, dumb, and numb". However, the Czech Republic is business friendly: there are multinationals investing heavily in the Czech Republic -… Continue reading Doing Business in Prague

Prague – Business Consulting

So the reason for this trip to Prague is that the students have an assignment here. Our partner in Prague picked two companies based in Prague that  want to expand to the US and UK markets. The Czech companies have questions about how and where to expand, how much to spend on setting up advertising and distribution,… Continue reading Prague – Business Consulting