Students Exploring Europe

The students have three-day long weekends for travel and have visited about a half-dozen countries that Barb has mentioned to me : Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands so far. There were a few minor misadventures along the way: One group went to the wrong airport for their flight from London and had to try… Continue reading Students Exploring Europe

“You can’t eat scenery” & the value of a guide

In Ireland it is the custom for tour guides to actually drive the bus as well as tell the tourists what they are seeing. Kevin Clancy, our guide, seemed cheerful and competent, while driving a big bus on narrow single track roads or in heavy traffic, but he mostly talked about practical things. He opened… Continue reading “You can’t eat scenery” & the value of a guide

Cruising the Thames from The Tower of London to The Cutty Sark

A month ago, we took a day out to celebrate my survival of another year. This year's birthday plan was to tour something in London that's older than I am.   As the local Amish say "We get too soon old, and too late wise". Since London is a port city on the Thames and… Continue reading Cruising the Thames from The Tower of London to The Cutty Sark

Coastal France: Bayeux & Mont Saint-Michel

Since I already complained about driving with my schoolboy French in my post about the Ferry , I will skip all that and start with Saint Malo where we spent the first day of our break. This is a lovely thousand-year old stone walled port town with long sandy beaches in Brittany, France  just across the… Continue reading Coastal France: Bayeux & Mont Saint-Michel

Prague Life After Communism

  Prague's golden age was almost a thousand years ago when it was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Under the Prague castle there are bricks that date back to 885 AD, and when Charles IV became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1350 AD  the humble little city became the third largest in… Continue reading Prague Life After Communism

The Morris Mini Tour

Thousands of Giant Robots Outside Oxford That isn't the title of an old sci-fi film, but it is the thing I will remember after suiting up in a spark proof overcoat to tour the Morris Mini plant in the Cowley area of Oxford, UK. The first car  made here was a two-seater Morris Oxford in 1913, assembled on a stationary production… Continue reading The Morris Mini Tour