The Celts in Ancient Britain

This post is part of my ancient Britain series, so in keeping with my other titles of Old Dry Bones and Cold Wet Stones, I should clearly call this post something clever like "Celts - The Known Unknowns" but I decided to Leave Well Enough Alone. OK, back to my subject. Before the Romans spread across… Continue reading The Celts in Ancient Britain

Cold Wet Stones

There are hundreds of standing stones and circles all across Europe, but henges seem to be unique to the British Isles. A henge is a circular ditch with a steep bank on the outside of the ditch - an odd structure, really - like putting a moat inside a castle wall. They wouldn't be of much military use, unless you were… Continue reading Cold Wet Stones

Old Dry Bones

History in Britain goes back continuously until the end of the last ice age the "Younger Dryas" of around ten thousand years ago. Britain was inhabited by Neanderthals before that, but it apparently got really cold really fast: scientists tell us that temperatures dropped 15 degrees Celsius in a decade. At its coldest, sea level was about… Continue reading Old Dry Bones