Students Exploring Europe 2

Fall break is over which means over half the semester is gone, and the students have realized how little time for travel they really have between classes, internships, and domestic life (like cooking and laundry). So over the break we saw a bit more traveling and sightseeing than is normal for them, as well as… Continue reading Students Exploring Europe 2

The Internships

Although the London program has run for  decades, this is only the third term of the students having real internships abroad, so it's still really in the startup phase. We are about half way through the internships now and we are getting enough feedback from the students to guess a bit about how things are going,… Continue reading The Internships

“You can’t eat scenery” & the value of a guide

In Ireland it is the custom for tour guides to actually drive the bus as well as tell the tourists what they are seeing. Kevin Clancy, our guide, seemed cheerful and competent, while driving a big bus on narrow single track roads or in heavy traffic, but he mostly talked about practical things. He opened… Continue reading “You can’t eat scenery” & the value of a guide